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Self-Organizing Map / 自己組織化写像 / 自組織映射網路

Source code on Github: here 8 colors, 3D Vector(R,G,B) 8 colors, 6D Vector(Rh,Rl,Gh,Gl,Bh,Bl) Grid, 4pts

Support Vector Machine / サポートベクターマシン / 支持向量机

Source code on Github: here Java OOP Port from C LibSVM library Linear Kernel Gaussian Kernel Polynomial Kernel Polynomial Kernel **Problem Loaders** IProblemLoader loader = new LibSVMProblemLoader();   Problem train = loader.load("svm/data/libsvm/linear_train.libsvm"); Problem test = loader.load("svm/data/libsvm/linear_test.libsvm"); /* The typical LibSVM format, the first item represents the Class, the remaining elements are prefixed by the index [...]

Neural Network (Back-Error Propagation) C++

Here is yet another simple Neural Network that implements Back-Error Propagation as a form of Reinforced Learning. The entire project is written in C++ and requires no special libraries to compile and run. main.cpp contains code to train both a 2 and 3-input Logical AND gate. The zipped source code can be downloaded here A [...]

Neural Network – Back-Error Propagation – Java

This Neural Network is a command line implementation that uses the Back-Error Propagation learning algorithm. As well, The number of center layers, neurons per center layer, and learning rate are all changeable. The provided Test file teach Logial AND, however other test files can easily be created. update:Source is now maintained on GitHub The Jar [...]

Neural Networks – Simple Models (PDF)

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