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John Conway’s Game of Life – Windows/C++ (ASCII)

This is a simple version of John Conway’s Game of Life written in C/C++ and runs on Windows using ASCII graphics. For a more interesting version using SDL to draw pixel graphics, check out this link: John Conway’s Game of Life – C++/SDL Here is the code for the ASCII Version: 1 2 3 4 [...]

Simulation Program (Motivated by John Conway’s Game of Life) – C/C++

In this little simulation demo I created four simple rules, of which can be activated by uncommenting them out in the source code. Though nothing too complex emerges, I still liked some the resulting behavior. Particularly, rule1(), results in colors slowly grouping together in various forms. It may be hard to immediately noticed so watch [...]

John Conway’s Game of Life + Mutation (C/C++)

I’ve always been interested in AI, evolution simulations, and other interesting problems. But I will never forget one of my all time favorite classics, John Conway’s Game of Life.. This simulation implements a few just a few simple rules, yet relatively complex structures emerge. The rules are: 1. Any live cell with fewer than two [...]

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