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Magus Map Maker – 2D Multilayer Map

Note: for a more fully featured map maker, I would reccomend using Mappy or Tiled This is just something I made a few years back to ease personal game development. Magus Map Maker is a 2D multilayer game map maker written in Purebasic. Magus Map Maker Features: Multiple Layers – make maps up to 3 [...]

Blocks – Advanced Tetris Clone (Written in Purebasic)

Blocks is a tetris like game written in Purebasic. Blocks features 3 modes: Baby Mode – simple pieces constructed from 3 bricks. Normal Mode – standard tetris pieces. Blocks Mode – pieces constructed from 1 – 6 bricks. 27 different pieces, including a randomly generated piece that can take on bizzare shapes. In this mode [...]

Vulcan I – (Written in Purebasic)

Vulcan I is a sidescrolling space shooter written in Purebasic. This was my first major attempt at programming a game and is far from perfect. Vulcan I features 7 full length levels, each ending with a boss battle, many of which are redundant. Each level is unique and has its own array of enemies and [...]

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