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John Conway’s Game of Life + Mutation (C/C++)

I’ve always been interested in AI, evolution simulations, and other interesting problems. But I will never forget one of my all time favorite classics, John Conway’s Game of Life.. This simulation implements a few just a few simple rules, yet relatively complex structures emerge. The rules are: 1. Any live cell with fewer than two [...]

Neural Network (Back-Error Propagation) C++

Here is yet another simple Neural Network that implements Back-Error Propagation as a form of Reinforced Learning. The entire project is written in C++ and requires no special libraries to compile and run. main.cpp contains code to train both a 2 and 3-input Logical AND gate. The zipped source code can be downloaded here A [...]

Graph 3D (Vector Rotation Source Included) C++

This program implements my simple Vector3D.h source to draw simple graphs using SDL. While it’s not terribly advanced, it should be pretty fun to tinker with. To learn more about 3D rotations including the mathematics and more source (Java) examples, view my previous post –> 3D Rotation Matrix – Graph3D. The source code and linux [...]

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