Blocks – Advanced Tetris Clone (Written in Purebasic)

Blocks is a tetris like game written in Purebasic. Blocks features 3 modes:
Baby Mode – simple pieces constructed from 3 bricks.
Normal Mode – standard tetris pieces.
Blocks Mode – pieces constructed from 1 – 6 bricks. 27 different pieces, including a randomly generated piece that can take on bizzare shapes. In this mode it is possible to clear 6 lines at once, earning yourself a “Block.” I recommend playing it in block mode and large size for the most fun. :) Enjoy!
High Scores are saved for each of the modes.

Download Here
Download Source HereIt has been a few years since I compiled it. I believe it was compiled using Purebasic v3.94, However, It should be fairly easy to make changes to get it to recompile in the most recent version, or just to convert it into another language.

Blocks 2D Tetris clone Blocks 2D Tetris clone Blocks 2D Tetris clone
Blocks 2D Tetris clone Blocks 2D Tetris clone

About Blocks

- Kenny Cason
Graphics Design
- Kenny Cason
– Nintendo
Beta Testers
- Kenny Cason
- David Johnson

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